Technology? What Technology?

I am gradually making my way through this week’s content and starting to research possible ideas for my unit of work that I am designing on Year 10 Mathematics.  I am a little shocked to find how many resources there are for Year 10 quadratics, however how few use ICT.  It truly is quite remarkable to find how little technology is being utilised considering how many wonderful things are out there with a little searching.

Only yesterday I had a little Google for some maths-based games and came across this game which assists students to practice factorising quadratic equations with a time restriction.  It would be quite challenging for students first learning the topic, but would push the students to grasp the concept in order to be able to compete and achieve against their classmates.

As Courtney suggests in her post, the main issue with implementing ICT into lessons is knowing the resources available.  This of course is something that takes time.  Having been on prac, I completely understand how time-pressured teachers are.  If it is truly seen to be so important, should more teachers be employed to relieve the pressure of those in the job and allow everyone to have more time to make the education of our students more interesting, effective and ICT rich?


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